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Day 1 - April 21

1PM - 3PM

Registration Table Open for Check In

3PM - 4PM

Regional President's Meeting

4PM - 7PM

Career Fair

4PM - 6PM

Regional Poster Competition

4PM - 6PM

Regional Paper Competition

6PM - 8PM

Chem-E-Car Poster Competition and Safety Inspection

8PM - 10PM

Social Mixer/Dinner TBD

Day 2 - April 22

7:30AM - 9AM

Registration Table Open for Check In

8AM - 8:50AM

Breakfast (with Keynote/Welcome Address)

9AM - 11:30AM

ChemE Jeopardy Competition

10AM - 12PM

Conference Workshops

12PM - 1PM

Lunch Break

1:15PM - 3PM

Chem-E-Car Competition Prep/Set Up

3PM - 6PM

Chem-E-Car Performance Competition and Clean Up

6PM - 8PM

Awards Banquet and Dinner (with Keynote/Closing Notes)

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