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AIChE Board 2023-2024

Meet this year's AIChE Board members! Also, read about past AIChE Board Alumni! See where the alumni have gone after their time with AIChE and their current endeavors!

Serena Ko Professional Pic - Serena Ko.JPG
Individual-22 - Soichiro Iwamoto.jpg
IMG_2334 - Hailey Tran.JPG

Hailey Tran


IMG_0310 - Fourth Manaanuntakul.JPG

Fourth Manaanuntakul

VP Internal

DSC_0619 2 - Megan Tran.JPG

Megan Tran

 VP External

Shayna'sHeadshot3 (4).jpg

Shayna Skaria

VP Operations

Hey!! I'm Shayna and I help keep AIChE running behind the scenes. You can come to me with any questions you have about AIChE!

Fun Fact: Sunglasses and coffee are my best friend. 

IMG_20220222_115927_968 - Chichi Onwuasoanya.jpg

Chinyelugo Onwuasoanya

VP Finance 

Hi everyone, my name is Chinyelugo and I am AIChE VP Finance! I assist in budgeting and acquiring funds for all AIChE events so that everyone can have a great time with some great food!

Fun Fact: I enjoy going to farmer's markets and crocheting!

Co- Publicity & Social Media Chair

IMG_0307 - Mimi Tanglertsampan.HEIC

Mimi Tanglertsampan

Co- Publicity & Social Media Chair

Hi, I am Mimi! I can't wait to make cute graphics and promoting our events !

Fun Fact: I can speak five languages!

IMG_0302 - Astra Tulac.jpg

Astra Tulac

Co-Industry Chair

Hey! My name is Astra, and I am very excited to be your Co-Industry Rep! My mission is to foster connections between students and industry leaders and prepare students for life after college.

Fun Fact: I enjoy sailing, snowboarding, hiking, and exploring new art mediums!


Serena Low

Co-Industry Chair

Hi, I'm Serena! 

ZorexVilladelgadoJr - Zorex Villadelgado.jpg

Zorex Villadelgado Jr.

Fundraising Chair

Hai :3 I'm Zorex and I'm the Fundraising Chair! I raise funds for AIChE by organizing events both on and off campus and, of course, our wonderful AIChE STICKERS!!

Fun Fact: I used to be a jazz drummer for 7 years!

IMG_1550 - Greeshma Doppalapudi_edited.j

Greeshma Doppalapudi 

Co-NChE Chair

Joining AIChE has changed my college life here at UC San Diego, found the best team and Chemical Engineers! As a Co-NChE chair I connect with companies to bridge gap between academia and Industry for students in our Dept. 

Fun Fact: I grew up in South India

Co-NChE Chair

aiche gbm 2 prof pic ria - Ria Patel.jpg

Ria Patel

Department Chair

Hello! I'm Ria! As Department Chair, I hope to organize fun and informative ways for students and AIChE members to interact with and get to know our faculty and staff in NANO and CENG!

Fun Fact: I read and crochet a lot in my free time :)

20231104_235104~2 - Sophia Viorato.jpg

Sophia Viorato

Outreach Chair

Hi I'm Sophia! I began this Fall as an external committee member and just began as your outreach chair this Spring. I look forward to hosting events for AIChE and meeting more of you all.

Fun Fact: I did mariachi for 4 years and still can't read sheet music!

IMG_0310 - Fourth Manaanuntakul.JPG

Fourth Manaanuntakul

Mentorship Chair

Hi, my name's Dennis Dang and I am the Fundraising Chair where I work with outside organizations to fundraise for AIChE. Fun fact about me is I'm from Oregon and I enjoy playing tennis!

Hi all, I'm Fourth! As the Mentorship Chair, I organize fun events for all Chemical Engineers at UCSD to create meaningful connections and life long relationships between mentors and mentees in the FamilE program.

Fun Fact: I've never had Thai Iced Tea. I'm Thai. ;)

AIChE Projects

IMG_0477 - Maya Chang_edited.jpg

Maya Chang

Program Director

Hi everyone, I'm Maya! As the Projects Program Director, I facilitate and oversee progress for all six of our project teams!

Fun Fact: For two years, I was a collegiate cheerleader for UCSD!


IMG_4785 - Tommy Le.jpeg

Tommy Le

Program Manager

Hey, I'm Tommy! As the Projects Program manager, I oversee all 6 of the projects teams and serve as communication between the teams and leadership. 

Fun Fact: I like sewing and making clothes!

99EA39A7-8950-42E2-8355-82101A75D8CC - Dennis Buckley.jpeg

Dennis Buckley

Program Manager

Hi, I'm Dennis. Being the program manager has allowed me to pick up useful skills in both communication and managing people.

Fun Fact: I am left handed. 

Headshot - Selene Tang.jpg

Selene Tang

Research Coordinator

Hello! I'm Selene! My role as a research coordinator involved coordinating lab spaces and advisor allocation for project teams, in addition to organizing technical workshops to support their research efforts.

IMG_4686 - Maya Chang.jpg

Maya Chang

Assistant Program Director

Hey, I'm Maya! I assist the Program Director in overseeing the Projects Program and monitoring progress.

Fun Fact: I was in a Lifetime TV show about cheerleading that flopped!

Screen Shot 2023-05-23 at 10.55.27 PM - Alex Ho.png

Alex Ho

Assistant Program Manager

Hi I'm Alex! As an assistant project manager I assist Tommy and Dennis with ensuring that project teams are running smoothly.

Fun Fact: I love to sleep (I nap too much), play basketball, find new music, or find new food and drink spots with my friends! 

IMG_1857 (2) - Jennifer Le.jpg

Jennifer Le

Assistant Research Coordinator

Hi, my name's Dennis Dang and I am the Fundraising Chair where I work with outside organizations to fundraise for AIChE. Fun fact about me is I'm from Oregon and I enjoy playing tennis!

Hi! I am Jennifer and my favorite part of being an Assistant Research Coordinator is being able to aid Selene, our Research Coordinator, with supporting the Project Teams on the technical side.

Fun Fact: I enjoy making polymer clay pins and crocheting. 

Past AIChE Board Alumni

AIChE is an organization that prides itself on progress and improvement. Below are some members that have helped develop and turn AIChE at UCSD into an amazing organization with various programs. Read about their amazing accomplishments and current endeavors below. If you are a past alumni and want to be included on this page, please contact us at or fill out the form below!


Serena Ko

President 2022-2023

After graduating in 2023 with her B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Serena went on to finish an internship at Tesla and moved to Evanston, IL to pursue her M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering. Her proudest accomplishment during her presidency of AIChE was hosting the AIChE Western Regional Conference and completing the transition from virtual events back into in-person events! 

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