AIChE Board 2022-2023

Meet this year's AIChE Board members! Also, read about past AIChE Board Alumni! See where the alumni have gone after their time with AIChE and their current endeavors!

Serena Ko Professional Pic - Serena Ko.JPG

Serena Ko


Hi everyone, my name is Serena and I am the President of AIChE. My favorite part of AIChE is being able to give back to the ChemE Community that has made me who I am today. Fun fact: I have never been to a national park but I do enjoy hiking and the beach!

IMG_3714 - Rebecca Wheeler.JPG

Rebecca Wheeler

VP External

My name is Rebecca Wheeler and I'm AIChE VP External! I love putting on prodev events for students and helping people develop their professional skills. In my free time I like reading and running.

Individual-22 - Soichiro Iwamoto.jpg

Soi Iwamoto

 VP Finance & Co-VP Internal

Hi, I'm Soi! As VP Finance, I assist in acquiring funding and budgeting of all AIChE events so that everyone can have an amazing time together (with great food too)! A fun fact about me is that I grew up in Thailand!


Hailey Tran

VP Operations & Co-VP Internal

Hi everyone, I'm Hailey! One of my main jobs is to design and keep this website running. I also keep AIChE's documents organized, so it's easier for everyone to find what they need! A fun fact about me is I have a twin sister but we look nothing alike - we're 4 inches apart :)

IMG_2466 - Eric Oberholtz.JPG

Eric Oberholtz

Department Chair

Hi all, I'm Eric! My favorite thing about being Department Chair is getting to help others build relations with our department faculty. When I'm not working on school, AIChE, work, or research, I enjoy running and playing music. Let me know if there's any way I can help you!

ZorexVilladelgado - Zorex Villadelgado.JPG

Zorex Villadelgado Jr.

Publicity & Social Media Chair

Hey y'all, I'm Zorex! As Publicity and Social Media Chair, I create flyers and graphics, send out the weekly newsletters, and manage posts on AIChE's Facebook, Instagram, and Discord! In my free time, you can find me working out at the gym, singing karaoke, or watching K-dramas!

IMG_2445 - Zachary Yam.JPG

Zachary Yam

Co-Industry Chair

Hi I am Zach! I am Co-Industry Chair for AIChE involved in contacting industry representatives and ensuring that AIChE members are prepared for life outside of college. I like to learn random skills from solving Rubik's cubes to juggling. If you have anymore random skills please tell me about them.

aiche gbm 2 prof pic ria - Ria Patel.jpg

Ria Patel

Co-Industry Chair

Hi there, I'm Ria! Along with Zach, I coordinate info sessions, workshops, and networking events with industry for students to work on their professional development. In my free time, I enjoy reading and playing tennis!

IMG_20210925_163619_876 - Chichi Onwuasoanya.jpg

Chinyelugo Onwuasoanya

Co-NChE Chair

Hi, I'm Chinyelugo! As Co-NChE Chair, I oversee the production of our annual Nano and Chemical engineering focused career fair, NChE! In my free time, I love reading and finding new movies to watch with friends!

IMG_0012 - Jeremiah Lim.jpg

Jeremiah Lim

Co-NChE Chair

Hello! I'm Jeremiah! I am the Co-NChE Chair along with Chichi and together we help plan for and facilitate the Nano and Chemical Engineering events such as the industry career fair. In my free time, I like to play chess, go out on hiking/camping trips, and hang out with friends!

IMG_1490 - Audrey Lee.jpg

Audrey Lee

Mentorship Chair

Hey, I'm Audrey! I pair mentor and mentees in the FamilE program and organize events to facilitate bonding between the pairs to create an integrated community of ChemEs at UCSD. A fun fact about me is that I love to throw pottery!

IMG_9231 - Dennis Dang.JPG

Dennis Dang

Fundraising Chair

Hi, my name's Dennis Dang and I am the Fundraising Chair where I work with outside organizations to fundraise for AIChE. Fun fact about me is I'm from Oregon and I enjoy playing tennis!


Chase Hickey

Outreach Chair

AIChE Projects


Serena Low

Program Director

Hi guys! I’m Serena and I’m the AIChE Projects Director! My favorite part of AIChE is being able to help others with student research. In my free time, I enjoy playing badminton and exploring San Diego for new cafe spots :))

52105888123_59c1ecc8a7_o - Melanie Oda.jpg

Melanie Oda

Program Manager

Hey, I'm Melanie! As the Projects Program manager, I oversee all 6 of the projects teams and serve as communication between the teams and leadership. I love being able to work alongside my friends and meet more people in my major! In my down time, I love to play basketball and go out spontaneously with my friends <3!

auche 2022-2023 Lisa Pham - Lisa Pham.jpg

Lisa Pham

Research Coordinator

Hi I'm Lisa, your Projects Research Coordinator for the 2022-2023 year! I'm a fourth year ChemE major and my favorite ice cream flavor is black chocolate raspberry.

portrait - Tommy Le.jpg

Tommy Le

Assistant Program Manager

Hi, I'm Tommy! I assist Melanie, our Projects Manager, in overseeing the progress of our project groups. My favorite part is being involved in the chemical engineering community here at UCSD and learning more about my possible future career. Outside of school, I enjoy playing volleyball, thrifting, and sewing clothes!

B157F11C-4DC2-43AC-82C2-4CCC2E5F2BF4 - Dennis Buckley.jpeg

Dennis Buckley

Assistant Program Manager

My name is Dennis Buckley and I’m an Assistant Program Manager. This is my first year apart of AICHE and I’m looking forward to learning more about chemical engineering.

SelenePic - Selene Tang.jpg

Selene Tang

Assistant Research Coordinator

Hi, I’m Selene! I assist the Research Coordinator in securing lab spaces for each project team, coordinating technical workshops, and supporting the teams in technical aspects. When I am not working on school or AIChE, I like to play music and read comics! I play piano and trumpet, and I love J-pop music!

Past AIChE Board Alumni

AIChE is an organization that prides itself on progress and improvement. Below are some members that have helped develop and turn AIChE at UCSD into an amazing organization with various programs. Read about their amazing accomplishments and current endeavors below. If you are a past alumni and want to be included on this page, please contact us at or fill out the form below!

soyoung pp.jpg

Soyoung Shin

President 2020-2021

Soyoung was a previous president of AIChE and graduated in 2021 with her B.S. in Chemical Engineering. For her future plans, she is an incoming PhD student at Caltech. Her greatest accomplishment at UCSD was reaching positive vibes for AIChE!