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AIChE Projects

The AIChE Projects program promotes excellence in chemical engineering education and stimulates collaborative efforts among industry and professional societies by promoting team-oriented hands-on experiences for its students alongside local non-profit organizations and industry. AIChE currently has 6 projects in progress: Fuel Cell, Cryodesalination, Active Water Treatment, Portable Wind Power, Phosphorus Wastewater Treatment, and Ethanol Extraction. Go to their website to learn more!

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ChemE FamilE Mentorship

AIChE’s mentorship program, ChemE FamilE, is specially designed to connect chemical engineers in meaningful and fun ways! This program pairs students who are new to UCSD (typically first- or second-year students, or first-year transfer students) with older students, who act as mentors and guides through UCSD’s chemical engineering degree program and college life in general. Participants in this mentorship program will gain insight into chemical engineering, will have many opportunities to network and attend fun events, and will strengthen the chemical engineering community at UCSD and beyond!

Want to join our FamilE? Click the link below to be redirected to a short application!

Another note: Though ChemE FamilE is specifically geared towards chemical engineering students, students of all majors are welcome to participate!

Test Tubes

AIChE Chem-E-Car

ChemE Car is a team-oriented, hands-on design project open to all UCSD students. This program is sponsored by the national branch of AIChE and our team competes against other collegiate chapters nationwide. Our goal is to construct a small chemically-powered car. The challenge consists of making the car travel a given distance while carrying a variable load. It's a great opportunity to build your resume, meet professors, and promote our university's engineering program.

For more information, please contact us at or click the link below to go to their website.

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